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2 to 13, Dec, Madrid, Spain

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Incorporating gender, intercultural and intergenerational approaches into climate action
Wednesday 11 December 2019, 05:30pm - 07:00pm


Ministry of Environment of Peru

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Jenny Chimayco Ortega: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Jenny Chimayco – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   / +51 975680760


Disseminate and discuss Peru's experience in incorporating cross-cutting approaches in climate action, observing their implementation throughout the public policy cycle.


In order to achieve effective integrated management of climate change, Peru is committed to participatory, transparent and inclusive planning that considers intercultural, gender and intergenerational approaches in the design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and dissemination of public policies to accelerate its climate action. A clear example of this is the emblematic regulation process of the Framework Law on Climate Change, which was built using a participatory process involving all citizens: the private sector, civil society, regional governments, indigenous peoples, sectors and young people.

Likewise, as part of the roadmap for implementing Nationally Determined Contributions, which includes 91 adaptation and 62 mitigation measures, the priority areas of the Gender and Climate Change Action Plan were articulated with the NDCs.

Similarly, Peru has been working on the adaptation of the National Commission on Climate Change to Law No. 30754 - Framework Law on Climate Change, which provides for the incorporation of more non-state actors, including young people, to ensure their participation in integrated climate change management.

Speakers / panellists (indicating name, position, institution)


  • Fabiola Muñoz, Minister of Environment


  • Patricia Velasco – CDKN


  • Ángela Acevedo, Vice-minister of Interculturality, Ministry of Culture
  • Jessica Huertas, of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations
  • Maria Ines Ribadeneira, Representative of the Ministry of Environment Ecuador
  • Wilbert Sanchez, Representative of the Farmer Confederation of Peru (Spanish acronym CCP)
  • Anna Terrón Cusí, Director of FIIAPP 

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Speaker / panellist / facilitator / other


The importance of cross-cutting approaches in climate action

Fabiola Muñoz, Minister of Environment


Exchange among panellists on the experience of implementing approaches.

The incorporation of approaches in prior consultations. (10 minutes each)


The role of cooperation in technical assistance for the incorporation of approaches (10 minutes)

  • Ana Terrón, Director of FIIAPP 


Challenges and lessons learned from Ecuador in the incorporation of approaches (10 minutes)

  •  Representative Ecuador


Operationalising cross-cutting approaches in integrated climate change management (10 minutes)

  • Jéssica Huertas, representative of the Ministry of Environment.


Conclusions and Closure

Patricia Velasco – CDKN (10 minutes)

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