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Journalism for climate action: challenges and opportunities for communications media
Saturday 07 December 2019, 04:00pm - 05:30pm


EUROCLIMA+ Secretariat in conjunction with CONEXIÓN COP and LatinClima.

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Objective Contributing to the dialogue on the importance and role of the communications media as a key actor in climate action.


The link between journalism and the approach to the issue of climate change marks several challenges, one of them is to position information on the media agenda that promotes awareness of the impact that this issue has on people's lives, and thus adopt decisions that change behaviour and habits, and promote civic co-responsibility.

One real opportunity in journalism is to become agents of change, promoters of climate action with rigorous and quality journalistic approaches in covering the issue of climate change continuously, which are more focused on the "narration of approaching realities" that allow citizens to appropriate the information and assume co-responsibility.

The methodology is as follows: two keynote presentations with strong messages about the importance of promoting climate action due to the climate emergency in which we live, and what role the media plays (or should play). (15-minute presentation and 5 minutes for questions from the audience).

  • Technical expert. Topic: summary of the state of the art (statistical data), and in view of this situation, indicating which sectors are taking the lead and what role is expected of the media as a sector. Reflection on the message to be conveyed to the public.
  • Expert journalist. Topic: experience of how EFE Verde has managed to become a voice for the environmental issue, pointing out the challenges and opportunities of this environmentally oriented business model (sustainability). Reflection on how to enhance or externalise results.

2) LAB for innovation on how to resolve a challenge, duration 30 minutes. 

  • Moderation work: launching the challenge: how to make journalistic coverage of news related to climate change, sustainability, SDO, etc. quadruple in the coming years, in the LATAM media.
    • Journalists’ experience- 
      • Margaret López, journalist specialising in climate change (Venezuelan).
      • Fabiola Ortiz, journalist specialised in sustainable development (Brazilian).
      • Judit Alonso Gonzalbez,journalist of Deutsche Welle (Spain)
  • Use provocative questions to open the discussion about what the media would have to do to make this happen.

3) Checkout with journalists on paths to follow (reflection on the types of tools required), for 10 minutes

Speakers / panellists 

Opening: Mariana Cano, UNFCCC communications


  • Joséluis Samaniego, Director, Sustainable Development and Human Settlements Division, ECLAC
  • Arturo Larena Larena, Director EFE VERDE



  • Maité Cigarán (Communications Manager for CONEXIÓN COP)
  • Katiana Murillo (Coordinator for LatinClima)


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Panellist /

16:00- 16:10

Welcome and presentation of the event

Mariana Cano, UNFCCC communications

Moderator: Maité Cigarán for ConexiónCOP


The challenges of climate change and the major environmental stimulus

Joséluis Samaniego, ECLAC


Giving voice to the environment and boosting climate action: the EFE Green experience

Arturo Larena Larena, director EFE VERDE


LAB for innovation

Moderator: Maité Cigarán for ConexiónCOP and Katiana Murillo for LatinClima


Checkout with journalists

Katiana Murillo for LatinClima


Reception for participants


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