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Women environmental defenders and Climate Change: Strategies for advocacy and resistance to the advance of the extraction model
Saturday 07 December 2019, 05:30pm - 07:00pm


Plurales Foundation

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Avellaneda Nicolás: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Nicolás Avellaneda (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // +54 9 351 5 303028) and Liv Liensen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // +54 9 351 789-0779).


This event proposes making community strategies of resistance led by women environmental defenders visible, who are generating impacts at different local and global scales. It will be a space for exchange on the advance of the extraction model and its effects on the human rights of women and their communities.


The increase in extractive industries, the expansion of agribusiness, the contamination of watersheds and deforestation constitute a highly violent context, where women, girls and boys are the most vulnerable to the extractive model and its consequences on climate change.

Death is the most visible form of violence exerted on environmental defenders, however, there are many other manoeuvres such as threats, evictions, persecution and criminalisation. This trend represents a worldwide setback in the governance of common goods and the security of environmental defenders.

Faced with this situation, women organise and undertake advocacy and resistance actions at local, regional and global levels in defence of the right to access to land, defence of territory and common goods, access to water, conservation of culture and food sovereignty.

Speakers / panellists

Moderator: Lilian Gregorio. President of the Plurales Foundation

Panellist: Angela Cuenca. Executive Director of Colectivo Casa

Panellist: Juana Demarchi. Coordinator of the Environmental Defenders Programme. Southern Women's Fund

Panellist: Angelina Barriento. Representative of the Guarani Women’s Group

Panellist: Lucia Ruiz – President of the Women’s Farmer Organisation Union and Progress

Panellist: Ruth Alipaz - General Coordinator for CONTIOCAP

Panellist: Marta Torres Herrero. Representative of the Feminist Land Platform.

Panellist: Ginna Paola. Representative of ACIN’s Tejido Mujer

Panellist: Nicolás Avellaneda- Coordinator, Collaborative Communications Platform. Plurales Foundation

Moderator: Daniela Savid- Coordinator of the ODS-ILC Initiative. Plurales Foundation


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Speaker / panellist / facilitator / other


Opening of the Event

Lilian Gregorio (Argentina). Moderator


Context: Resistance to the advance of the extraction model in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.

Juana Demarchi (Argentina);

Angela Cuenca (Bolivia).



Expulsion and territorial dispossession of the Ava Guaraní People. Effects and links with the advance of the extraction model. 

Angelina Barriento (Paraguay). Panellist


Land and forests. Defence of land and resistance to deforestation and evictions.

Lucia Ruiz (Argentina). Panellist


Hydrocarbon industry. Resistance to the settlement of oil companies in farming and indigenous communities and protected areas.

Ruth Alipaz (Bolivia ). Panellist


Mining. Advancement of mega-mining and effects on territories

Ginna Paola (Colombia); Angela Cuenca (Bolivia). Panellists


Global resistance strategies, strengthening of feminist struggles for women's access to land. “Feminist Platform for Land”

Marta Torres Herrero (España);

Lilian Gregorio (Argentina).



Resistance strategy and communicational advocacy. Presentation of the application for Environmental Defenders.

Nicolás Avellaneda (Argentina). Panellist

18:45 to 19:00

Questions from the public and final reflection

Daniela Savid (Argentina). Moderator

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