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Ambato presents the development of its SUMP in the context of COVID-19

The city presented the progress on its Mobility Plan at the seminar "SUMPs and COVID-19: planning in time of transport".


Representatives of governments, business organisations and other stakeholders discuss the involvement of the private sector in the formulation of long-term strategies

The virtual discussion workshop was held on October 23 in the framework of the joint regional event Climate Action in Times of Crisis


South America prepares the first regional meeting on national plans and policies for confronting drought

Drought represents one of the greatest risks that Latin American countries must face as part of climate change; EUROCLIMA+ through its project...


Olade and Euroclima+'s Useful Energy Balance Project was publicly shared during the 5th Energy Week

Energy Week is a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge of the energy sector, through the generation of business and project...

Articles and interviews


The triple vulnerability of women

"Women are in a vulnerable situation in the face of climate change, and even more so if they are part of indigenous populations", Douglas...


Rural women, resilient women

Five women from one of the projects funded by EUROCLIMA+, implemented in Argentina and Colombia, share their life stories on International Rural...


Peruvian Altiplano leader faces challenges of climate change

Isabel Gomez is a Peruvian leader, who loves living near Lake Titicaca. She is part of the Pacha Yachay project that EUROCLIMA+ finances through its...

Next Webinars

II Dialogue among Peers – Financial Articulation

II Dialogue among Peers – Financial Articulation

November 6, 12, and 20, 9:00 Peru time

During the virtual meetings, three of the five dimensions of country action (regarding the implementation of their NDCs) that are relevant to ensuring progress in their climate action will be addressed.

Prototype of electric autobuses, from Paraguay

Prototype of electric autobuses, from Paraguay

Tuesday, November 24, 10:00 Panama time, 12:00 Paraguay time.

This webinar will present the experience in the creation of the first national electric bus and the opportunities for collaboration and technological advancement generated through strategic alliances with international companies.


Opportunities and limitations of co-innovation under pandemic restrictions

Opportunities and limitations of co-innovation under pandemic restrictions

Thursday, November 26, 9:00 Colombia time

In this session, speakers will summarize three multi-country project experiences focused on family agriculture or livestock production, with examples from Uruguay, Argentina and Honduras.

EUROCLIMA+ Highlights

EUROCLIMA+ offers a wide range of services meant to support the implementation of commitments to the Paris Agreement in the area of climate governance, as well as funding and technical assistance for project execution.



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