Resilient Food Production

A component of EUROCLIMA+ promoted by two implementing agencies: Expertise France and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

Latin America

The economic dependency of the agricultural and natural resources sector is at the center of the vulnerability problems of many countries.
In their NDCs, several Latin American countries specifically highlighted the importance of the agricultural sectors to their economies, employment, and exports for rural and indigenous populations.

However, according to recent studies, almost a quarter of global GHG emissions are the result of changes in land use, forestry and agricultural and livestock activities that contribute to climate change and even increase the need for adaptation.

Therefore, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture is an important factor in resilient food production. Many Latin American countries are beginning to recognise the potential of agroforestry and silvipastoral systems to contribute to mitigation and adaptation objectives.


“Resilient Food Production” aims to strengthen capacities at local, national and regional levels to increase resilience to climate change, the efficiency of agricultural and livestock production systems in the use of water and carbon, as well as related agri-food chains

  • Develop and improve integrated information systems.
  • Identify and apply specific adaptation/mitigation measures in the field of agricultural production and water management.
  • Identify, develop and implement financial mechanisms.
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and the best management in the application of adaptation/mitigation measures in the field of agricultural production, livestock production and water management.



Resilient Food Production has an allocation of 6.75 million euros to subsidise Projects in Latin American countries and technical assistance services in order to strengthen local, national and regional capacities.

Expected results
  • Relevant best practices for resilient crop production techniques and value chains are validated to achieve NDC objectives.
  • Optimal and relevant practices for livestock production systems and efficient value chains regarding carbon and water are validated for the achievement of the relevant NDCs.
  • The appropriate mechanisms to finance adaptation/mitigation measures in the agricultural sector at the national or territorial level are available for dissemination in Latin America.

Applicants for shortlisted Projects were invited to submit their completed applications by July 23 at 8:00 pm in Frankfurt (Germany).

Work team

Mathilde de Williencourt
Mathilde de WilliencourtExpertise
Head of Agricultural Development
Clémentine Moriceau
Clémentine MoriceauExpertise Franceclementine.moriceau
Expertise France representative for the Resilient Food Production component
Klaus Mersmann
GIZ Coordinator for EUROCLIMA+
Philipp Schoenecker
GIZ representative for the Resilient Food Production component of EUROCLIMA+
Sophie-Louise Krause
GIZ representative for the Resilient Food Production component of EUROCLIMA+


Resilient Food Production.


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