1.What are the Expected results?

• Relevant best practices for resilient crop production techniques and value chains are validated to achieve NDC objectives.

• Optimal and relevant practices for livestock production systems and efficient value chains in terms of carbon and water are validated for the achievement of relevant NDCs.

• Appropriate mechanisms to finance adaptation/mitigation measures in the agricultural sector at the national or territorial level are available for dissemination in Latin America.s medidas de adaptación/mitigación en el sector agropecuario a nivel nacional o territorial están disponibles para su difusión en América Latina.

2.Who are the potential beneficiaries?
3.What are the priority areas for potential activities?
4.What is the budget assigned to this component?
5.When was the first call for proposals launched?
6.How will I know if my proposal passed the selection process?
7.Can I submit a proposal for the call?
8.Will new calls be opened?
9.With whom do I communicate for more information?


Resilient Food Production.


Expertise France office: 73, rue de Vaugirard - 75006 Paris. GIZ office: Rue Archimède 61, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.


Expertise France: +33 1 70 82 73 57

GIZ: + 32 2 710 1937