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EUROCLIMA+ projects in Brazil

Brazil: Bajada Santista mobility plan

Title: Regional Mobility and Logistics Plan for Bajada Santista

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Brazil: Teresina mobility observatory

Title: Mobility Observatory: Blockchain for public transport transparency of Teresina

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Drought information system

Title: Design and initial implementation of a drought information system (monitoring, prediction, preparation and mitigation of impacts) for southern South America – SISA

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Climate risk management

Title: Regional and local climate risk management in Brazil and Argentina

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Forest management and restoration

Forest management and restoration in productive settings.

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Municipal actions in Mexico and Brazil

Articulating global agendas from the local: ecosystem-based adaptation as a catalyst for municipal actions to achieve global objectives.

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Resilience in agro-food chains

Resilient food production in agro-food value chains

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Projects funded by EUROCLIMA+ are executed with support from:

Climate governance actions in Brazil

  • Stimulating the promotion and granting of green patents as a mechanism to respond to the commitments acquired by Brazil through the Paris Agreement (NDC).
  • Support to decision-makers and legislators in Latin American countries.
  • Monitoring and progress on the implementation of the NDCs (action in the 18 countries).
  • Support for dialogue between head climate change negotiators in Latin America and the Caribbean (action in the 18 countries).
  • Strengthening monitoring and evaluation systems for climate policies (mitigation and adaptation) under the Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda (action in the 18 countries).
  • Working group on the harmonisation of adaptation metrics (action in the 18 countries).
  • Dialogue among peers to promote NDC implementation in Latin America (action in the 18 countries).
  • Development of a Community of Practice on the involvement of the private sector in climate policy processes in Latin America (action in the 18 countries).
  • Training on vertical coordination for NDC implementation (action in the 18 countries).
  • Training on methodological tools for the implementation of climate change projects (action in the 18 countries).
  • Methodological reflection on the assignment and review of the NDCs and the Dialogue among peers to enable NDC implementation in Latin America (action in the 18 countries).
  • Strategic dialogues on climate change, public policies and the exchange of knowledge and experiences among Latin American countries (action in the 18 countries).
  • Technical document The Economics of Climate Change in Latin America (action in the 18 countries).
  • Mainstreaming the gender perspective in all EUROCLIMA+ activities (action in the 18 countries).
  • Stimulating the promotion and granting of green patents as a mechanism to respond to the commitments acquired by Brazil through the Paris Agreement (NDC).

Contact information in Brazil

In each country, EUROCLIMA+ works in synergy with officials of the government agency in charge of overseeing climate change matters. It also maintains close contact with the European Union delegations of each partner nation.


This is an agency of the Executive Branch responsible for foreign policy and for Brazil's international relations at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.

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European Union Delegation

European Union Delegation of Brazil 

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Here you will find related information and links of interest for Brazil

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Focal Point

Brazil Division of Climate Change
Brazil Division of Climate ChangePolitical Focal Point
Political Focal Point – Division of Climate Change (DCLIMA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dclima@itamaraty.gov.br; braseuropa@itamaraty.gov.br
Brazilian Cooperation Agency
Brazilian Cooperation AgencyTechnical Focal Point
Technical Focal Point - Agencia Brasileña de Cooperación (ABC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, abc-cgrm@abc.gov.br




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