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Implementing Agencies

Call for proposals

The first call has closed. After the evaluation and selection process, the 7 projects selected for the grant were notified on February 25, 2019.

Find HERE the list of selected projects.

Project beneficiaries

The beneficiaries to be selected are:

  • Legally organised farmer associations
  • Public entities of the agricultural and municipal sectors
  • National and international NGOs
  • Universities and national and regional research organisations

Our Team

Julia Charbonnier
Julia Charbonnier Expertise France
Sophie-Louise Krause
Sophie-Louise KrauseGIZ

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Main Objective
  • Develop and improve integral information systems.
  • Identify and apply specific adaptation/mitigation measures in the areas of agricultural production and water management.
  • Identify, develop and implement financial mechanisms.
  • Promote knowledge exchange and better management in the application of adaptation/mitigation measures in the areas of agricultural production, livestock production and water management.
Resources available
Expected results


Resilient Food Production


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