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A flagship programme of the European Union in Latin America

EUROCLIMA+ is a programme funded by the European Union, which offers a wide range of specialised services that are meant to support the implementation of commitments to the Paris Agreement in the area of climate governance, as well as funding and technical assistance for the execution of projects with the Latin American countries on:


General objective of EUROCLIMA+: Promote environmentally sustainable and climate resilient development in Latin America, in particular for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations.

Specific objective of EUROCLIMA+: Strengthen the capacity of Latin American countries for climate change adaptation and mitigation, intensifying cooperation on climate change with regard to strategic dialogue and knowledge management, and the implementation of strategic climate and environmental action in selected sectors.

Key issues

Demand-based sectors The choosing of sectors and activities for EUROCLIMA+ is based on demand. In 2016, meetings were held with participants from the 18 Latin American countries to identify the following key sectors:

In addition to these sectors, Climate Governance is a cross-cutting area of EUROCLIMA+, focused on:

  • Facilitating strategic dialogue on climate change and knowledge management.
  • Supporting policy dialogue, knowledge exchange and management, capacity building and the promotion of education and raising awareness about climate change using regional, multi-country or national approaches.
  • Operating as a facilitator, to make the knowledge from analogous experiences in other countries of Latin America and Europe available.

Expected results

The results that EUROCLIMA+ pursues are:

  • Promoting dialogue and knowledge exchange, capacity-building, education and communication at the regional level.
  • Promoting climate services through the management of relevant knowledge that combines science, research and innovation to contribute to decision-making.
  • Implementing multi-country and/or trans-boundary initiatives centred on development and the demonstration of strategic actions to provide feedback for decision-making.

EUROCLIMA+ aims to generate specific actions with tangible, practical and measurable results. Therefore, the actions that will be funded under the Programme will include pilot or demonstration initiatives that generate visible results and have a direct impact on the beneficiary population.


EUROCLIMA+ is a programme funded by the European Union:

The EUROCLIMA+ Programme received an initial allocation of 40 million euros (approved in January 2016) and a second allocation of 40 million euros (approved in January 2017). Additional allocations are foreseen for the coming years.

EUROCLIMA+ also has co-financing from German Cooperation, Spanish Cooperation, and French Cooperation.


Focus of the work

What are the EUROCLIMA+ principles? 

  • Demand-oriented: EUROCLIMA+ services are based on the needs of Latin America. This is why there is close interaction with the representatives of each one of the programme’s partner countries.
  • Participatory approach: Strategic decisions are made jointly with the partner countries, the implementing agencies of the European Union and the United Nations, as well as the European Commission and the Programme Secretariat.
  • South-South Cooperation: EUROCLIMA+ promotes this cooperation through multi-country and regional initiatives.
  • Cooperation with the European Union: EUROCLIMA+ combines five agencies of the European Union Member States with outstanding experience in climate change and sustainable development.
  • Scaling up actions: the Programme supports climate actions that can be expanded, coupled and replicated in its member countries.
  • Access to climate funding and investment: special attention is paid to mobilising climate funds and accessing international sources of climate funding.


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