Plans and policies

Strengthening of institutions, plans and policies linked to the development and advancement of national climate change targets.


Latin American countries have made substantial progress in addressing the challenges of combating climate change. Some countries have developed specific legislation on climate change and are developing low-emission strategies and policies. However, the implementation of these policies, as a result of the commitments made in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the deepening of these tasks, remains a challenge for the coming years that needs to be strengthened with the development of climate-friendly policies in different sectors, as the EUROCLIMA programme has been doing in its early stages.

Latin America faces a new political agenda in the fight against climate change. In recent years, Latin America and the Caribbean have experienced economic growth that has led to better economic and social conditions. However, this has had negative side effects, such as increased air pollution in urban areas, a significant deterioration of several natural assets, and an evident vulnerability to adverse impacts. It is therefore necessary to reduce the environmental and social vulnerability to climate change of the Latin American population to help reduce poverty.

In this context, in which the region aims to move towards ecological development models with the challenge of reaching agreement among all stakeholders, the key tools in the process are collaboration, finding synergies, joint learning, and the exchange of information and best practices. This programme provides both European and Latin American experience in the field.

What can EUROCLIMA+ contribute?

  • Raising awareness of NDCs at the ministerial level, in local government, and in the private sector and the general public in countries in the process of obtaining national approval of their NDCs.
  • Creating capacities to develop roadmaps and manage NDCs, strengthening inter-ministerial coordination.
  • The development of NDC implementation plans, prioritising actions for mitigation and adaptation of the sector (transport, energy, industry, waste, agriculture, livestock, forestry, land use, etc.).
  • The development of strategies to mobilise public, private and international resources for the implementation process.
  • Design and implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures for the sector, including measures to remove barriers to implementation.
  • The development of monitoring and verification systems, data collection and transparent reporting on NDC objectives and international commitments.
  • The review, updating and creation of legal and regulatory frameworks for NDCs in Latin American countries.
  • The development of strategies, plans, and instruments to support the integration of climate change and the development of capacities in the portfolios of energy, green jobs, health, tourism, biodiversity, coastal and marine environments and food security.
  • The design and implementation of strategies, plans, and instruments for collateral benefits between the climate change agenda and the fight against poverty and inequality, with special emphasis on synergies between the Paris Agreement and the Agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Strengthening and coordination of climate policy monitoring and evaluation systems (mitigation and adaptation) under the Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda.
  • Analysis of climate change risks and vulnerabilities to strengthen national level adaptation measures.
  • The integration of different sectoral ministries and decentralised governmental agencies in actions that will be carried out to implement and comply with the countries' climate agenda, promoting better coordination aimed at ensuring that efforts are guided and coherent.




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