We are working on strengthening capacities to incorporate the gender equality approach into policy, projects and risk management plans in Peru and Ecuador.

Monday, June 01, 2020, Piura-Loja. The Euroclima Plus programme, through the binational project "Risk Management without Borders", developed training sessions for the project's technical team in both Peru and Ecuador.

Two sessions were held, with the participation of 39 representatives of the project's implementing institutions from the Peruvian territory: Piura Regional Government, the National Centre for Disaster Risk Estimation, Prevention and Reduction (CENEPRED), the Regional Council for Gender Equality -CORIG, Radio Cutivalú, Centro Ideas, CARE and from Ecuador: Loja Prefecture, the National Service for Risk and Emergency Management - Zonal Coordination 7. The technical team of the Binational Project and specialists from the project's technical consulting teams also participated.

The first session was held on May 25, through the virtual window (Zoom) by Ana Victoria Rojas, Senior Consultant in Gender and Sustainable Development of the Euroclima Plus programme of the European Union, who shared concepts of gender, the importance of working with tools that allow the incorporation of the gender approach in the activities of the project, as well as the effective participation of women in decision making bodies on disaster management, which generates the opportunity for their concerns and viewpoints to be incorporated into the planning of activities.

The second session was held on Monday, June 1st, where participants exchanged experiences on working with a gender perspective in their activities or development processes in each territory, as well as the experience of participatory community workshops and empowerment processes.

Ana Rojas, specialist of the Euroclima programme, explained the importance of designing the use of methodologies in the workshops to identify the needs, interests and aspirations of women and men.

"Empowerment is both a process and an outcome. It means that Angela and Angel have control

over their lives, make their own decisions, strengthen their skills and knowledge, increase their

self-esteem, and have access to opportunities and decision-making positions," explained the speaker.

And the third session will be held today, June 8, at 9:00 a.m., with the technical team from Peru and Ecuador, in order to identify corrective actions or technical capacity building at the coordination level of the binational project "Risk Management without Borders", as well as the identification of priorities.


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