Uruguay: electric urban mobility

Uruguay: electric urban mobility

Title: Promotion of Electric Urban Mobility in Uruguay

Brief description: The objective of the project is to strengthen capacities for sustainable urban mobility planning and lay the foundations for a Programme to promote electric urban mobility planning that is national in scope and includes the development of technical, regulatory and financial instruments.

Main results expected: 

  • Incorporate electrical mobility into territorial planning instruments.
  • Develop standards and regulations for new technologies.
  • Develop financial tools to promote and accelerate public and private investment for electric vehicle electrification.
  • Strengthen capacity in public and private actors to facilitate vehicular electrification.

Principal products: 

  • National Programme for the Promotion of Urban Electric Mobility.
  • Eight national level workshops in at least five cities with public and private actors.
  • Technical Guide for incorporating criteria of Sustainable Urban Mobility into urban territorial planning.
  • Technical Guide for Urban Electric Mobility Planning.
  • Two pilot exercises for urban-level application of the technical guides.
  • Design of regulatory instruments and standards for electric vehicles in the urban setting.
  • Training programmes for public and private actors.

Location: Uruguay 

Lead entity: Ministry of Industry, Energy, Mining (MIEM). National Energy Directorate and Ministry of Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment (MVOTMA) – Climate Change Division

Project partners: 

  • Ministry of Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment (MVOTMA) – Climate Change Division
  • Departmental Governments
  • Ministry of Transport and Public Works
  • UTE – Public Electric Company
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Transport efficiency group (MIEM, MVOTMA, public fuel company)

Implementing agency:  German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)