Cuba: Sustainable mobility La Habana

Cuba: Sustainable mobility La Habana

Title: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and Pilot project in La Habana

Brief description: Generate a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan supported by a pilot experience that facilitates travel and promotes low emissions mobility for the inhabitants by improving the quality of the urban environment.

The main expected results are: 

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions, energy savings and greater sustainability.
  • Offer citizens better alternatives for their movements within the city.
  • Generate a cohesive strategic vision for urban mobility in La Habana.

Main products:

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for La Habana.
  • Pilot project designed and executed for the Galiano area and Curita Park, La Habana.
  • Creation of a laboratory for sustainable urban mobility in the facilities of the General Directorate of Provincial Transport La Habana (DGTPH).
  • Multidisciplinary workshops and a major event to present and disseminate final project results.
  • Guidelines for the transformation of urban spaces towards achieving sustainable urban mobility.

Implementing agency: General Directorate of Provincial Transport La Habana (DGTPH)

Institutions involved: 

  • Provincial Administration Council La Habana
  • Provincial Directorate of Physical Planning La Habana

Implementing agency: French Development Agency (AFD)