Bolivia: Bicycle infrastructure La Paz

Bolivia: Bicycle infrastructure La Paz

Title: Integrated planning of the Bicycle Infrastructure Network for La Paz Municipality Phase I

Brief description: The objective of the project is to promote the use of alternative modes of transport, mainly the bicycle, articulated with existing services in La Paz.

Main results expected:

  • Achieve 500 bicycle trips per day in macro district V-Southern La Paz (75% increase in trips)
  • Generate knowledge and experience in the La Paz Municipality technical team in order to expand the experience to 6 other macro districts.
  • Based on this experience, prepare a Public Bicycles project in La Paz.

Main products:

  • Install a bicycle lane in the southern macro district of La Paz that is connected to the Puma Katari cable car and bus systems.
  • Prepare a business plan for a public bicycle system in La Paz.
  • Create an integrated plan for the Bicycle Infrastructure Network.

Phase I, Southern Macro District.

Location: La Paz, Bolivia.  

Lead entity: Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz (GAMLP)

Project partners: Secretariat of Mobility and Transport (GAMLP)

Implementing agency: French Development Agency (AFD)