Brazil: Teresina mobility observatory

Brazil: Teresina mobility observatory

Title:  Mobility Observatory: Blockchain for the transparency of public transport of Teresina

Location: Teresina, Brazil. 

Brief description: The objective of this project is to improve public transport performance, promote greater use and optimise the infrastructure built through an information and interrelation system that improves decision making and reduces information asymmetries among the different actors in the public transport system.

Main expected results: 

  • Achieve greater use of public transport in the city of Teresina.
  • Increase reliability among the actors involved in the transportation system.
  • Improve the image of this service.
  • Improve the division of responsibilities for the proper functioning of public transport and increase its efficiency.

Main products:

  • Install the blockchain platform and promote its use by the actors involved in the Teresina transport system.
  • Implement a public transport governance system based on co-management and the opening of data and processes whereby the municipality, companies, users and the treasury interact in a collaborative way.

Institutions involved: 

  • Teresina Municipality Town Hall
  • Secretary of Planning and Coordination (SEMPLAN)

Implementing agencies: French Development Agency (AFD)