Peru: Arequipa sustainable urban transport

Peru: Arequipa sustainable urban transport

Title: Preparation of the Sustainable Urban Transport and Mobility Plan (Plan MyTUS in Spanish) for the Provincial Municipality of Arequipa.

Location: Arequipa, Peru. 

Brief description: The objective of this project is to develop a city model that promotes more sustainable modes of travel (pedestrian, bicycle and mass public transport).

Main expected results: 

  • Improve the urban mobility system and incorporate new technologies; reducing travel times and needs, accident incidents, and articulating the Integrated Transportation System.
  • Reduce the effects of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the consumption of non-renewable energy.
  • Improve urban social equity, ensuring universal accessibility while promoting alternative use of the road system and promoting healthier modes of use.
  • Develop institutional capacities in the different actors involved with urban mobility issues.

Main products: 

  • Sustainable Urban Transport and Mobility Plan for Arequipa.

Leading entity: Municipality of Arequipa, Municipal Planning Institute (IMPLA)

Project partners: Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Implementing agency: French Development Agency (AFD)