Ecuador: low carbon mobility

Ecuador: low carbon mobility

Title: National Plan for Low Carbon Mobility in Ecuador

Brief description: The objective of this project is to define a national strategy for low carbon mobility that is applicable to all the Decentralised Autonomous Governments of the country and that allows a considerable reduction of greenhouse gases, maintaining levels of equity and accessibility.

Main expected results:

  • People, regardless of gender, social status, age and/or disability, can access the use of low carbon transport (new technologies in private vehicles, public transport and non-motorised transport).
  • Decentralised autonomous governments of the country trained in low-carbon urban mobility.
  • The population in four regions of the country sensitised about low-carbon urban mobility.

Main products: 

  • Low-Carbon Urban Mobility Plan including policies and strategies for the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Technical guidelines for decentralised autonomous governments for the implementation of the strategy at the local level.

Country: Ecuador

Entities involved: Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP), Under-secretary of Terrestrial and Railway Transportation. 

Implementing agency: French Development Agency (AFD)