Argentina: sustainable mobility Córdoba

Argentina: sustainable mobility Córdoba

Title: Project to support the development of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and pilot projects

Brief description: The objective of this project is to update the existing Mobility Plan and make it operational, including a specific study of the central area of the city in order to propose a transit model with structural actions that would transform it into a low emissions area.

Main expected results: 

  • Reduced noise and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improved sustainable mobility services.
  • Greater involvement of all actors in mobility planning.
  • Awareness raised in the citizenry on the use of more sustainable means of transport (collective/bicycle/pedestrian).

Main products: 

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Córdoba.
  • Updated origin / destination survey.
  • Specific study of the central area of the city to propose structuring actions that allow transforming it into a low emission area.
  • Prediction model of current and future mobility scenarios, including short, medium and long-term strategies.
  • Technical document: mitigation and emission reduction strategies through the implementation of the Plan.

Location: City of Córdoba, Argentina 

Lead entity: Municipality of Córdoba

Implementing agency: French Development Agency (AFD)