Strengthening community operators to confront climate challenges in water supply services

Strengthening community operators to confront climate challenges in water supply services

Geographic scope: National

Title: Strengthening of Associations of Administrators of Aqueduct and Sanitary Sewer Systems (ASADAS) of the Greater Metropolitan Area and peripheral cities to improve their management and resilience to climate change

Countries involved: Costa Rica

Objective: This Project aims to strengthen the ASADAS located in urban areas of the country and their peripheries to improve their capacities for integrated water resource management, their resilience to climate change and in parallel to increase institutional capacity in water governance particularly for potable water supply services. The project considers working with 226 ASADAS, first assessing their capacity for resilience, adaptation to climate change and their general operations, to then strengthen their capacities in four lines of action.


  • Development of action plans: 1) plans for improvement and efficiency, 2) comprehensive risk management plans and 3) five-year water resource protection plans, so that they can access the Water Resource Protection Rate, as a mechanism for sustainability and future leverage for actions on these issues;
  • Training: consistent with the evaluation, a training programme will be carried out addressing content in five thematic areas 1) water resource management, 2) water system management, 3) administrative-financial management, 4) commercial management and 5) community management;
  • Relations: considering a process of building strategic alliances and strengthening cooperation between ASADAS;
  • Infrastructure improvement: Support to the development of basic infrastructure works that, under prioritisation criteria are determined to be approachable by the project.

Lead entity: Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA) (Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers - AyA)

Grant recipient entity: Centro de Derecho Ambiental Recursos Naturales (Centre for Environmental Natural Resources Law)

The ASADAS, also known as Community Aqueducts, provide potable water supply services to 29% of the population of Costa Rica. ASADAS are non-profit associations dedicated to bringing drinking water and sanitation to their communities, whose Boards of Directors work voluntarily on the fulfilment of their objectives. The ASADAS located in urban and peri-urban sectors are facing climate challenges coupled with the pressure of rising unplanned urban sprawl. As a result of these combined factors, many ASADAS are confronting water stress and must find alternatives that allow them to generate best practices and/or find complementary sources, as well as protect current ones that are at high risk or are already deforested.

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