Climate Governance

The Climate Governance component of EUROCLIMA + supports the Latin American countries in the design, updating and implementation of climate policies that allow them to reach the year 2020 with legislation and plans or NDCs adapted to their realities. In addition, it strengthens the capacities of public administration personnel, as well as other involved actors, including civil society.

Towards compliance with the Paris agreements
EUROCLIMA + is a programme of the European Union that supports 18 Latin American countries in improving their climate policies in a way that allows them to be prepared to comply with the Paris Agreements that begin in 2020.

To meet this objective of transforming and adapting climate policies to the challenges that each country has regarding its climate agenda, EUROCLIMA+ has two different instruments, each with a different way of working:

The first is Climate Governance that tries to support climate policy design or implementation of climate policies, for which institutional or legislative reforms are needed in a mainstream way, working with different ministries and levels of administration.

  The second instrument of EUROCLIMA+ are the vertical components that deal with the most specific cases of climate change such as Forests, Waters, Resilient food management, Energy or Disaster reduction.  


Oriented to demand, national actions are scheduled between several countries or regionally. These actions are accompanied by policy dialogue events and by an offer of strategic competence development. In this context, the following topics are covered:

  • Implementation of planned and determined contributions at the national level (NDC)
  • Climate services
  • Education, communication and learning for climate change
  • Gender
  • Participation


  • The "Climate Governance" component has a budget of 7 million euros.
  • Implementation is foreseen in a 36-month period, from 04/April/2017 to 03/April/2020.
Results achieved
  • Contacts were established with the 18 Latin American countries that participate in the programme through the Focal Points or designated representatives.
  • More than 10 requests for support were received.
  • At the end of 2017, 6 countries had requested support under the Climate Governance component: Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and El Salvador. In addition, a regional demand was received, articulated from the CIHMET (Conference of Directors of Ibero-American Hydrological and Meteorological Services).
  • Services provided: exchange workshops, visits, internships, meetings, systematisations, virtual or face-to-face exchanges, diagnostics and technical assistance.


  • Mainly specialised public institutions in Latin America as well as in the European Union.
  • Meeting and participation spaces will also be promoted with civil society and the private sector.
  • In addition, alliances are being promoted with actors such as RIOCC, NDC Partnership, LEDS LAC, CIHMET, CODIA, etc.

Our team

Cecilia Castillo
Coordinadora FIIAPP para EUROCLIMA+
Jose Luis Samaniego
Jose Luis
Director de la División de Desarrollo. Sostenible y Asentamientos Humanos
Silvia Brugger
Responsable GIZ del Componente Gobernanza Climática
Gustavo Mañez
Gustavo MañezONU Medio
Coordinador de Cambio Climático Oficina para América Latina y Caribe


Climate governance


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