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Metrics for Adaptation: the Enhanced Transparency Framework beyond Mitigation
Thursday 05 December 2019, 12:00pm - 01:30pm


CEPAL, FIIAPP, GIZ, UN Environment


Contact person(s) 

Beatriz Garcia-Pozuelo - FIIAPP <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >


Person(s) in charge of dissemination

  • Daniel Fernández: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • Paola Vasconi: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


  1. To create a space for presentation and exchange on the challenges involved in monitoring and evaluating adaptation to climate change in Latin America, as well as the implications of the Enhanced Transparency Framework.
  2. To create a space for discussion and exchange on the progress made by several countries (in Latin America and Europe) in establishing adaptation monitoring and evaluation frameworks, as well as the actions that EUROCLIMA+ is supporting in the region to address the challenges in this area.


The use of metrics to effectively monitor and evaluate adaptation progress has gained relevance in climate discussions and country agendas. This is because in order to promote effective adaptation strategies aimed at reducing the level of vulnerability and increasing resilience, it is essential to monitor adaptation processes and measure their impacts on the territory and on countries' public policies. However, as adaptation is highly dependent on the specific risk and vulnerability conditions of different socio-ecological systems, the establishment of Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks must respond to the realities of different contexts at the desired levels and scales.

Speakers / panellists (indicating name, position, institution)


    • Challenges of adaptation M&E in Latin America: Sebastián Vicuña (Centre for Global Change Catholic University of Chile) (10mins)
    • Implications of the enhanced transparency framework in the framework of COP25: UNEP-DTU: Henry Neufeldt. Head of the Section for Impact assessment and Adaptation Analysis/. (10 mins)

Panel discussion: Country Experiences ADAPTATION M&E (Conversation 40 mins with two 5-minutes rounds of questions for each panellist). Guiding questions responding to the challenges posed in the first block:

    • MINAE Representative, Costa Rica
    • Chile: Maritza Jadrijevic. Coordinator of the Area of Adaptation and Development of Climate Capacities. Climate Change Office. Ministry of Environment of Chile.
    • Spain: Mónica Sánchez Bajo. Adaptation strategies area. Spanish Office for Climate Change. Ministry for Ecological Transition of Spain.
    • Germany: BMU (tbc)

Guiding questions:

  • What are the main challenges for your country in monitoring progress on adaptation?
  • How well is the articulation/involvement of different actors working for proper monitoring of vulnerability reduction or increased resilience?
  • How are you addressing the particularities of your country context with respect to having a robust system of indicators for proper monitoring?
  • What barriers are you encountering in measuring the results of your long-term adaptive capacity?
  • [Spain]: In the light of the results of the evaluation of Spain’s National CC Adaptation Plan, how do you think these can be integrated into improvements in the monitoring and evaluation of the Plan (instruments, governance, indicators, continuous improvement, impact measurement; valid and reliable information on how impacts, vulnerability and adaptation are evolving)?
  •  [Spain] How can the obligations of information, communication and monitoring deriving from the international commitments signed by Spain and from our membership in the European Union be more efficiently articulated?

Other topics:

  • Do they include info about damages and losses?
  • How do you think the Global Balance could be addressed?
    • Information vehicles
    • Quality of information
    • Stakeholder participation
    • Impact measurement, results an evaluation
    • Measurement of vulnerability and resilience
    • Indicators and baselines
    • Attribution 
    • Dependencies: contextual, temporal (LP?).. 
  1. EUROCLIMA+ as an ally in the Latin American region for the M&E challenge: country actions, training modules, Cartagena exchange workshop, community of practice, study of adaptation indicators, etc. (10 mins,). Jimy Ferrer EUROCLIMA+/CGC/ECLAC

 Q&A: 15 mins

  • Facilitation: Beatriz G-Pozuelo, EUROCLIMA+/CGC/FIIAPP


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Speaker / panellist / facilitator / other




Beatriz G-Pozuelo


Challenges of M&E adaptation in Latin America: Sebastián Vicuña (Centre for Global Change Catholic University of Chile)

Sebastián Vicuña


Implications of the enhanced transparency framework in the COP25 context

Henry Neufeldt



MINAE · Costa Rica

Maritza Jadrijevic. 

Mónica Sánchez

Germany TBC


EUROCLIMA+ as a key actor

Jimy Ferrer




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