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2 to 13, Dec, Madrid, Spain

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How to make a greater commitment to climate action through new laws. Visions of Chile, Spain, Panama, Peru and Mexico
Monday 09 December 2019, 04:00pm - 05:30pm


Ministry of Environment of Chile and FIIAPP

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Cecilia Castillo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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Daniel Fernández (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


This event will allow exchange between high-level representatives of several countries that have undertaken processes to prepare and strengthen climate change regulatory frameworks as a key element in aligning national climate commitments with the Paris Agreement.

  • To bring the participants closer to the key elements of the processes carried out by Chile, Spain, Panama and Peru in the drafting of climate change laws that have allowed them to enhance climate ambition and involve the different actors of society.
  • Exchange with other countries that are embarking on similar processes (France tbc) or that have a track in the frameworks as well as other participants (Mexico tbc).


Latin American countries have made substantial progress in responding to the challenges of combating climate change. Some countries have developed specific legislation on climate change and are developing low-emission strategies and policies. However, the implementation of these policies, as a result of the commitments made in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the furtherance of these tasks, remains a challenge.

With a view toward presenting to the attendees the main aspects contained in the climate legislation of each exhibiting country (Chile, Spain, Panama and Peru) and the experiences obtained from them, an exchange will be developed on the lessons learned in the drafting of climate legislation, where each country will present the key issues and difficulties experienced in their respective processes, from the perspective of the relevant lessons learned in the drafting of a Climate Change law.

The format of the panel contemplates:

  1. Presentation of events, panellists, objectives and dynamics: Moderator (5 min)
  2. Discussion of the key elements and lessons learned in the process of drafting or processing climate change laws in Chile, Spain, Panama and Peru based on guiding questions. (55 min; 3 rounds of questions to each panellist of 5 minutes each. Facilitated by the moderator)
  3. Comments from the experience and vision of 2 countries (France and Mexico) with other levels of progress in the development or implementation of climate regulatory frameworks. (10 mins)
  4. Space for questions and comments (20 min). In the case there is no public intervention, the debate between speakers will continue.


Speakers / panellists

  • Fabiola Muñoz, Ministra del Ambiente del Perú.
  • Milciades Concepción; Ministro de Ambiente de Panamá.
  • Marco Antonio Heredia, de México
  • Alfonso Galarce, Jefe del departamento de financiamiento y negociación internacional de la Oficina de Cambio Climático, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente de Chile.
  • Helena Fabra, Subdirectora General Adjunta de la Oficina de Cambio Climático, Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica de España
  • Marco Antonio Heredia Fragoso, coordinador general de cambio climático para la evaluación de las políticas de mitigación y adaptación, INECC de México. 
  • Anna Terrón Cusí, Directora  FUNDACIÓN FIIAPP


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Speaker / panellist / facilitator / other


Presentation of the event

Moderator: General Director FUNDACIÓN FIIAPP


Discussion of lessons learned in drafting climate legislation.

Representatives of Chile, Spain, Panama and Peru


Questions and comments

Open to the public



Moderator: Director FUNDACIÓN FIIAPP


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