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Conference – Interactive: “The triple success of nature-based strategies in Latin America”
Wednesday 04 December 2019, 05:30pm - 07:00pm


Climate Action Network Latin America

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Karla Maass  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) Tel. 56985029057

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Karla Maass  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Generate a space for meeting and interactive discussion on strategic and emblematic ecosystems of Latin America as a tool for adaptation, mitigation and new development.


The protection and restoration of strategic ecosystems in Latin America is a dual-purpose tool, contributing to GHG mitigation and the adaptation and resilience of communities and peoples to climate change. Likewise, these ecosystems play a fundamental role in the security and well-being of communities and are a key element in the generation of multi-scope development strategies. Therefore, the promotion of nature-based approaches and solutions in the NDCs may address the causes and consequences of climate change in the region and also advance the search for new narratives of development and wellbeing. This side-event will pay attention to the interrelationship between the protection of strategic and emblematic ecosystems in Latin America with a triple vision: adaptation, mitigation and new development. To this end, representatives of Climate Action Network Latin America (CANLA) organisations will share reflections on glaciers, forests, ecosystems with complex hydrological cycles and oceans.


Speakers / panellists 

JoseLuis Samaniego – Director, Sustainable Development and Human Settlements Division, ECLAC

Carlos Rittl – Executive Director, Climate Observatory, Brazil (TBC)

Flavia Liberona –Executive Director Terram Foundation, Chile

Angélica Guerrero – Climate Change Officer, Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad, Colombia

Karla Maass Wolfenson – Regional Officer Latin America, Climate Action Network International



Faced with the need to establish spaces for exchange, conversation and encounter in the face of the socio-cultural transformations posed by climate change, this Interactive Conference seeks to value various strategic ecosystems of Latin America and co-construct responses and approaches between panellists and the audience around the triad: mitigation, adaptation and new narratives. For this, there will be four opportunities for exchange with the audience. The first three through brainstorming on concepts and inducement related to glaciers, the Amazon and paramos. Then, the audience will be invited to co-construct responses in order to generate answers that integrate diverse visions and dimensions of the human being around three disparate questions.


Methodology details:


  • Opening: Interactive Conference: framework for reflection on the event and work – 5 minutes (Moderator)
    • Conference: An opportunity in ecosystems: seeking the articulation of the climate agenda and new development. – 8 min(JoseLuis Samaniego) 
  • Presentation of the panellists and dynamics – 5 minutes (Moderator)
      • Brainstorming: conceptualising GLACIARS –3 minutes  
    • Presentation: GLACIARES as a key tool against climate change and relationship with nature – 8 minutes (Flavia Liberona) 
      • Brainstorming: conceptualising the AMAZON – 3 minutes 
  • Presentation:  What the AMAZON brings beyond mitigation – 8 minutes (Carlos Rittl) TBC
    • Brainstorming: conceptualising the PARAMOS – 3 minutes 
  • Presentation: What PARAMOS teach us – 8 minutes (Angélica Guerrero)
  • Dynamic presentation Co-constructing responses – 4 minutes (Moderator)
  • Co-constructing answers dynamic – 30 min
    • Trigger questions 1: 
    • Co- constructing answers: Words between attendees + panellist
    • Trigger questions 2 
    • Co- constructing answers: Words between attendees + panellist
    • Trigger questions 3
    • Co- constructing answers: Words between attendees + panellist
  • Closure and conclusions: 5 minutes  - TBC  


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Presentation of the event and dynamics



Presentation of the discussion topic 



Glacier Brainstorming

Moderator - audience


Presentation Glaciers



Amazon Brainstorming

Moderator - audience


Amazon Presentation

Climate Observatory - TBC _


Paramo Brainstorming

Moderator - audience


Paramo Presentation

Ambiente y Sociedad


Questions and Answers Section

Moderator - presenters - audience

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