EUROCLIMA+ in action

a) Climate policy actions in Ecuador

Development of secondary regulations under the framework of the Organic Environmental Code
Development of regulations for climate change management
Strengthening the management of adaptation to climate change in the Water Heritage sector
Strengthening Ecuador’s National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology: efficient management and service provision
Strengthening the formulation and planning process of NDC for adaptation
Development of a digital platform of information on Climate Change
Strengthening Ecuador’s National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology


Integration of SOURCE and SARAS

b) EUROCLIMA+ projects in Ecuador

Master Plan for Ambato

Urban Mobility

Updating the Transport and Mobility Master Plan for Ambato .

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National low carbon Urban Mobility Policy

Urban Mobility

National low carbon Urban Mobility Policy in Ecuador

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Public policies to conserve water sources and urban potable water services

Urban water

Adaptation to CC for the human right to water and sanitation: replicable, scalable and resilient policies for future climate conditions

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Andean countries: droughts and floods

Risk Management

Strengthening national and regional systems for monitoring and managing the risks of drought and floods in a context of climate change and desertification in the Andean countries

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Vulnerability of the population

Risk Management

Binational project to reduce the vulnerability of the population and their livelihoods, in facing the threats of drought and floods in border areas of Ecuador and Peru.

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Sustainable building Living LAB

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable building Living LAB

Preparation of the Energy Balance

Energy Efficiency

Preparation of the Energy Balance in Terms of Useful Energy for the Industry, Residential, Transportation and / or Commercial sectors

Andean Resilience

Resilient Food Production

Strengthening Small-Scale Agricultural Production" takes place in the Andean highlands of Cotopaxi, Tungurahua and Cañar (Ecuador) and in the Piura region (Peru), areas highly vulnerable to climate change.

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Potato, Family, Climate

Resilient Food Production

Biodiversity and best practices in climate-smart agriculture to improve the resilience and productivity of family farming in potato-based Andean food systems

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d) Regional actions

Actions being implemented in the 18 EUROCLIMA+ partner countries

Contact information in Ecuador

In each country, EUROCLIMA+ works in synergy with officials of the government agency in charge of overseeing climate change matters. It also maintains close contact with the European Union delegations of each partner nation.

Ministry of Environment of Ecuador

This is the Ecuadorian State agency in charge of designing environmental policies and coordinating strategies, projects and programmes for ecosystem stewardship and the sustainable use of natural resources.

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European Union Delegation

The role of the EU Delegation in Ecuador

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Here you will find related information and links of interest for Ecuador

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Focal point

Focal Point

Ministry of Environment of Ecuador
Ministry of Environment of EcuadorFocal point
Ministry of Environment of Ecuador,


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