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institutional capacities for integrating the "Forests, Biodiversity and ecosystems" approach into public policies and national and regional actions.


on demonstrative and successful experiences in sustainable forest management that can be replicated in other countries.


innovative projects and initiatives in the sector, in order to improve the resilience of local communities against the effects of climate change in accordance with the public policies of each country.

Our projects

Coordinating Global Agendas from a Local Approach

Coordinating Global Agendas from a Local Approach: Ecosystem-based Adaptation as a Catalyst for Municipal Actions to Achieve Global Goals.

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Non-Carbon benefits

Institutionalizing the Non-Carbon Benefits in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies

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Participatory Climate Action

Participatory Climate Action: Integrating the Challenges of Climate Change in the Gran Chaco Americano.

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Improving Governance and Land Use Management

Improving Governance and Land Use Management to Address the Causes of Forest Loss and Degradation and the Increase of Carbon Stocks in Honduras and Peru.

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Living and producing in the Chaco Forest

Forest Management and Restoration in Productive Environments.

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Amazon Rainforests and Climate Change

Non-Timber Resource Management in the Amazon Rainforest: a Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy from the Bolivian and Peruvian Experience.

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Water Sowing and Harvesting & Ecosystem Services

Water Sowing and Harvesting, Water Service Fee and Acknowledgement of Environmental Service Payment in the South-South Cooperation Framework.

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Forests, Biodiversity and Community Development

Forests, Biodiversity and Community Development. Strengthening the National Management of Protected Areas in Guatemala and Honduras.

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Forest value Chains

Communities, Forests and Biodiversity: Promoting Dialogue, Exchange and Forest Value Chains to Adapt and Mitigate Climate Change.

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