The thematic area of Forests, Biodiversity and Ecosystems (BBE) is one of the seven components of the EUROCLIMA+ program.

The main objective of the BBE component is to strengthen the resilience of forests, ecosystems and local communities to climate change and environmental degradation within the framework of the NDCs or the national action plans on climate change.


Promote innovative projects and initiatives in the sector, in order to improve the resilience of local communities against the effects of climate change in accordance with the public policies of each country.


Strengthen institutional capacities for integrating the "Forests, Biodiversity and ecosystems" approach into public policies and national and regional actions.


Capitalize on demonstrative and successful experiences in sustainable forest management that can be replicated in other countries.


13 Million Euros

Implementation Period

Between 2019 and 2021.

Expected Results

Result 1

The 9 Innovative projects that respond to commitments related to NDCs in the BBE sector have been implemented in the selected countries, at the national or multi-country level.

Result 2

Lessons learned and good practices from the BBE initiatives have been shared with the 18 partner countries in Latin America.

Result 3

The individual and institutional capacities for the management of the relative processes with the NDCs in the BBE sector of the 18 partner countries in Latin America have been reinforced.

Our team

Murielle Gurtner
Murielle GurtnerBBE Component Coordinatormurielle.gurtner@expertisefrance.fr
Expertise France
Naïma Moncamp
Naïma MoncampProject Assistantnaima.moncamp@expertisefrance.fr
Expertise France
Philipp Schoenecker
Philipp SchoeneckerAdvisor For the BBE Componentphilipp.schoenecker@giz.de
Michel Schlaifer
Michel SchlaiferTechnical Advisor to the BBE Componentmichel.schlaifer@expertisefrance.fr
Expertise France
Sophie-Louise Krause
Sophie-Louise KrauseCoordinator For BBE Componentsophie-louise.krause@giz.de
Mauricio Luna Rodríguez
Mauricio Luna RodríguezRegional Advisor For the BBE Componentmauricio.luna@giz.de
Noelia Garzón
Noelia GarzónProject Managern.garzon@expertisefrance.fr
Expertise France
Natalia Mendes
Natalia Mendes Project Assistantnatalia.mendes@expertisefrance.fr
Expertise France
Maria Fernanda Contreras del Valle
Maria Fernanda Contreras del ValleAsistente en la coordinación de la Asistencia Técnica del componente BBEbosques.at@euroclimaplus.org


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