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Support to the structuring of mechanisms for an industrial strategy for sustainable development in Brazil

Advancing sustainable development in line with national and global climate goals requires the development of policies that respond to the economic, social and environmental needs of the various actors and sectors of society. The action "Support to the structuring of mechanisms for an industrial strategy for sustainable development in Brazil" proposes to identify development policies that reduce poverty and inequality, contribute to achieving economic and sectoral objectives, stimulating inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth. To this end, it will be implemented through three components: (1) national and sub-national macroeconomic modelling; (2) sectoral work to define and drive an industrial strategy for sustainable development; and (3) elements of capacity building, dissemination, and engagement among relevant target audiences. The analysis will focus on the recovery of the Brazilian economy and the reduction of carbon emissions. The action will focus its efforts on the industrial sector, in order to achieve greater impact and more precise policy recommendations.

General Objective

Elaboration of a National Strategy to make a Green Economy viable for Brazil, inspired by elements of the European Union's Green Deal, institutionalising the scope of the project

Expected Results

To estimate the economic impacts of adopting sustainable policies in the Brazilian business sector and to understand their potential, through studies with national and sub-national macroeconomic models.
Establish the foundations of a sustainable economy for Brazil, in terms of a "New Brazilian Strategy for Sustainable Development", taking the EU Green Deal as a reference.
Involve key stakeholders in the promotion of sustainable development for Brazil and establish the institutional framework for the project.




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