Climate Financing

Strengthening of enabling frameworks, institutional capacities and instruments for financing and investment for the achievement of national climate targets

Access to financing and investments

Climate financing represents one of the priorities for the region. To move towards low-carbon and climate-resilient development, a shift in investment flows is needed. The complex architecture of climate financing makes it difficult for Latin American countries to access the necessary resources, international and national, local, public and private, to facilitate Nationally Determined Contributions in action and to foster a sustainable, resilient and inclusive recovery.

Engaging financial system actors is important to strengthen climate action and realise a sustainable, resilient and inclusive recovery strategy in the public, private and civil society sectors. Regulatory frameworks, institutional and management capacities and coordination with the financial sector may be insufficient to adequately harness or mobilise all available or potential resources.

The different actions that this EU programme has implemented and continues to promote in synergy with the countries are presented below:

 in synergy with the countries:

What can EUROCLIMA+ contribute?


• Strengthening financial instruments associated with policies and plans to combat climate change at the national level, including support for the development of national climate financing strategies.
• Strengthening capacities and instruments within institutions linked to economic and fiscal policy.


  • Support to the development of methodologies to monitor the financial resources allocated to the fight against climate change at the national level.
  • Support for the development of incentive schemes to tackle climate change at the national level.


Advisory mechanism on NDC funding- Regional
Securing funding through the creation of Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) projects in urban areas - Regional
Assessment of the feasibility of implementing climate financial inclusion in the Honduran national context - Honduras
Incorporating carbon valuation mechanisms for changing relative returns in favor of lower carbon development - Multi-country
Support for obtaining funds to implement the Strategic Agenda for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Andes - Multi-country
State of the art of climate financing instrumentsoffered in the Honduran financial system to promote Climate Financing Inclusion - Honduras
V Regional Dialogue on Climate Finance in Latin America - Regional
Access to climate financing for electric mobility - Multi-country
Regional Dialogue on Climate Financing in Latin America - Regional

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Climate Financing



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