Plans and policies

Strengthening of institutions, plans and policies linked to the development and advancement of national climate change targets.

Policies, plans and institutions linked to the climate

As in all regions, institutional and policy changes must be made in Latin America and the Caribbean to facilitate compliance with the commitments agreed in the Paris Agreement and national climate change policies. Taking action to manage climate change, considering the particular needs of the countries in the region, requires adapting and updating policies and regulations, reviewing and updating UNFCCC commitments, as well as strengthening institutions.

The health crisis generated by COVID-19 and its economic and social effects have exacerbated the region's vulnerability, but at the same time they are an opportunity where climate-related policies, plans and institutions are particularly important in the context of a sustainable, resilient and inclusive post-pandemic recovery.

The different actions that this EU programme has implemented and continues to promote in synergy with the countries are presented below:

What can EUROCLIMA+ contribute?

  • Raising awareness of NDCs at the ministerial level, in local government, and in the private sector and the general public in countries in the process of obtaining national approval of their NDCs.
  • Creating capacities to develop roadmaps and manage NDCs, strengthening inter-ministerial coordination.
  • The development of NDC implementation plans, prioritising actions for mitigation and adaptation of the sector (transport, energy, industry, waste, agriculture, livestock, forestry, land use, etc.).
  • The development of strategies to mobilise public, private and international resources for the implementation process.
  • Design and implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures for the sector, including measures to remove barriers to implementation.
  • The development of monitoring and verification systems, data collection and transparent reporting on NDC objectives and international commitments.
  • The review, updating and creation of legal and regulatory frameworks for NDCs in Latin American countries.
  • The development of strategies, plans, and instruments to support the integration of climate change and the development of capacities in the portfolios of energy, green jobs, health, tourism, biodiversity, coastal and marine environments and food security.
  • The design and implementation of strategies, plans, and instruments for collateral benefits between the climate change agenda and the fight against poverty and inequality, with special emphasis on synergies between the Paris Agreement and the Agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Strengthening and coordination of climate policy monitoring and evaluation systems (mitigation and adaptation) under the Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda.
  • Analysis of climate change risks and vulnerabilities to strengthen national level adaptation measures.
  • The integration of different sectoral ministries and decentralised governmental agencies in actions that will be carried out to implement and comply with the countries' climate agenda, promoting better coordination aimed at ensuring that efforts are guided and coherent.


Support for the design of the Climate Change Law - Chile
Promotion and granting of green patents as a mechanism for addressing Brazil's commitments under the Paris Agreement (NDC) - Brazil
Strengthening Ecuador’s National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology for its efficient management and service provision adjusted to users’ needs - Ecuador
National Strategies for Electric Mobility in Colombia, Argentina and Panama
Support in the development of legislative and regulatory frameworks for electric mobility · Regional
Support to the formulation of Chile's long-term climate strategy · Chile
Support to the design and evaluation of public policies for compliance with the Paris Agreement and the promotion of green post-pandemic recovery within the framework of a just transition · Multi-country
Support to the preparation of a Long-Term Strategy for Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Resilient Development in Uruguay
Strengthening the management of adaptation to climate change in the Water Heritage sector in Ecuador
Development of a National System for the registration and quantification of adverse impacts of climate change - Uruguay
Support to multi-country and regional initiatives for the promotion of more sustainable, inclusive, and low-carbon development - Multi-country
Strengthening political dialogue and regional cooperation on adaptation for the implementation of the "Strategic Agenda for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Andes"
Generate policy dialogue and scientific knowledge in the region on Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) in urban areas- Regional
Strengthening the formulation and planning process of Nationally Determined Contributions for adaptation in Ecuador
Formulation of the draft Framework Law on Climate Change and updating of Panama's National Climate Change Policy to 2050
Regional collaboration for transparency and completion of the NDCs and generation of Long-Term Climate Strategies - Multi-country
Development of regulations for climate change management in Ecuador
Preparation of a Plan for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) in the livestock sector of Salta province · Argentina - Argentina
Evaluation of the feasibility of implementing climate financing inclusion in the national context of Honduras
Support to climate change negotiators for the implementation of the Paris Agreement · Regional
High-level policy dialogue and regional cooperation on electric mobility · Regional
Joint regional meeting of the Climate Change Platform and the Working Group of the Regional Cooperation Programme on Biodiversity - Regional
Promoting efficient use of biomass in Paraguay

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Plans and policies



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