Improved transparency and accountability for climate policy and NDC implementation.

Partnering for the development of information systems and generation of climate scenarios.

Transparency and accountability for climate policy and NDC implementation

Monitoring and evaluating progress on NDCs is a challenge for Latin America. Several countries are interested and now even obligated by the Paris Agreement rules to develop integrated monitoring and evaluation systems for their climate policies or NDCs, to foster transparency and accountability under the Paris reporting requirements. Improved M&E systems, if used appropriately, will support informed decision-making and policy implementation based on information.

The crisis generated as a result of the pandemic poses new challenges in terms of monitoring the policies and actions undertaken in the framework of a sustainable, resilient and inclusive recovery and their relationship with countries' climate goals, which are reflected in the medium-term NDCs and the Long-Term Climate Strategies. It is essential to take into account vulnerable populations and the digital divide in the generation of information and the development of monitoring systems.

The different actions that this EU programme has implemented and continues to promote in synergy with the countries are presented below:

What can EUROCLIMA+ contribute?


  • Strengthening or developing MRV and W&E systems, including the design of data collection processes and transparent reports and assessments on NDC objectives and international commitments under the Paris Agreement Transparency Framework and the 2030 Agenda, in accordance with country demands. To this end, it is also essential to deepen coordination and cooperation among Ministries for the implementation of M&E systems, particularly the Ministries of Environment and Planning.
  • Identification of indicators related to mitigation and adaptation measures included in NDCs, national policies, plans or strategies.


  • The compilation of climate information and the generation of climate change scenarios with adequate spatial and temporal resolution.
  • The collection and processing of hydrological information of interest for the planning of adaptation measures.
  • Communication between users and providers of climate services so that information matches the needs of users, promoting communication networks and observation systems.
  • Climate and hydrological communication networks and observation systems.
  • Accessibility and use of climate services and hydrological information by users in different sectors.
  • The national meteorological and hydrological services of the EUROCLIMA+ countries to improve their capacity to provide customised climate-related services for different socioeconomic and environmental sectors (agriculture, forestry, disaster risks, among others).
  • Generation of customised climate services for different sectors.
  • Capacity building initiatives carried out for forecasting, climate scenarios and procedures for quality and harmonisation of information.


Monitoring the implementation of NDCs - El Salvador
System for monitoring the progress of the National Action Plan on Climate Change 2017-2022 - Chile
Generation of regional climate change scenarios for Central America - Regional Central America
Monitoring, tracking and progress in implementing nationally determined contributions and measuring gaps existing in the decarbonisation of economies to meet climate targets - Regional
Strengthening of the monitoring and evaluation system for the National Adaptation Policy - Costa Rica
Training module on monitoring & evaluation for climate change adaptation under the Enhanced Transparency Framework (MRT) - Regional
Development of a digital platform for the visualisation and socialisation of information on Climate Change in Ecuador.
Strengthening systems for monitoring and evaluating climate policies under the Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030 - Regional
Monitoring and evaluation of progress in the implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures under the framework of the National Policy on Climate Change (NPCC) – Uruguay
Analysis and monitoring of public policy for climate change adaptation, analysis of adaptation ambition in the NDCs and promotion of metrics harmonisation in Latin American countries - Regional

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