Mainstreaming the gender perspective in all EUROCLIMA+ activities

EUROCLIMA+ recognises the importance and commitment of Latin American and European Union countries in achieving gender equality, understood as the right of women and men to access the same benefits and resources under equal conditions.

For this reason, EUROCLIMA+ includes an objective to achieve gender equality and promote the empowerment of women through the actions and projects to be developed under the programme’s framework. In order to ensure the fulfilment of the gender objective under the framework of the programme, an institutional analysis was carried out in 2018, to identify inputs for the creation of a gender policy for EUROCLIMA+.

Moreover, a toolbox has been designed so that project implementing organisations can identify and resolve the gender gaps that are present in the scope of their actions.

Expected Results


Institutional Analysis

Institutional analysis with recommendations for mainstreaming the gender perspective in all EUROCLIMA+ activities.


Toolbox for the purpose of supporting organisations implementing EUROCLIMA+ activities in their gender mainstreaming initiatives.






EUROCLIMA+ strengthens capacities for incorporating a gender perspective in risk management policies in Peru and Ecuador

We are working on building capacities for incorporating the gender equality approach into policy, projects, and risk management plans in Peru and Ecuador.
June 01 2020

WATER also has a gender... and it's not just male

Globally, it is estimated that women make up 20% of the energy sector workforce and just over 30% of the renewable energy workforce.
May 29 2020

Climate change and family agriculture with a gender lens

Lessons learned from adapting the Gender Mainstreaming Toolbox made available by EUROCLIMA+ to the context of family farming.
November 9, 2020

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Commitment to gender equality: virtual support window

The virtual support window for gender mainstreaming helps different projects implement actions that safeguard gender equality.
June 22 2020

EUROCLIMA+ works to mainstream the gender approach in the energy efficiency sector

A virtual seminar promotes the gender perspective in the EUROCLIMA+ programme’s cycle of energy efficiency projects.
May 29 2020


EUROCLIMA+ works to mainstream the gender approach in the bi-national project “Risk Management without Borders”

A virtual seminar promotes the gender approach in the project "Risk management without borders" of the EUROCLIMA+ programme.
May 18 2020


The triple vulnerability of women

"Women are in a vulnerable situation in the face of climate change, and even more so if they are part of indigenous populations"
November 13, 2020

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