The event was attended by more than 80 participants, including farmers from the region, local and municipal authorities, representatives of PROINPA, and Swisscontact, who praised the work carried out by producers, local innovators and technicians under the framework of the project.

Community of the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 13, 2021 - In the framework of the project "Resilient Production, Marketing and Consumption of Cañahua and Tarwi" financed by the European Union, led by Swisscontact and implemented in Bolivia by the PROINPA Foundation, innovations for the resilient production and consumption of Tarwi have been promoted, seeking to contribute to the improvement of local agri-food systems and their adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change.

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The progress achieved in the implementation of innovations was shared by Tarwi producers from the municipality of Anzaldo during a field day on April 13, 2021 in the community of Mollini. They highlighted the effects of climate change on agriculture and the importance of Tarwi in this context. They also showed Best Resilient Agricultural Practices such as the use of new varieties, correct seed management, preventive pest and disease control and best harvest and post-harvest practices. They also highlighted the nutritional benefits of Tarwi and new ways of processing it to promote greater consumption by families.

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Emiliano Pérez, Honorable Mayor of Anzaldo "I am surprised and happy with the Field Day, my commitment is to work together with the institutions to consolidate agricultural development in my Municipality...”. 

Daniel Campos, Secretary General - Central Campesina of Anzaldo "This is a very important day for us producers, because we are seeing that we can improve our agriculture for the benefit of our families...Thanks to the institutions for their support".

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Photo captions :Producers of Tarwi disseminate Best Resilient Agricultural Practices during the "Field Day".