Field Schools: Support for the formulation of Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Central American Agriculture

La Libertad, El Salvador. September 17, 2020 (IICA). - We began a training exercise in sustainable livestock farming, under the concept of learning-by-doing, through the project “Support for the f

ormulation of Appropriate Mitigation Actions in Central American Agriculture”.

This training cycle will allow 200 livestock farmers to share practices in Sustainable Agriculture Adapted to Climate (Spanish acronym ASAC), through 10 technical topics taught in a series of learning sessions, totalling 5 modules, applying Agricultural Field School (Spanish acronym ECA) methodology. With small groups of participants, due to the context of the pandemic, this educational action will be developed in priority areas in the departments of Chalatenango and Morazán in El Salvador.

The contents were presented during a production cycle in the livestock activity, through a curriculum or a set of priority topics, where it would be possible to integrate the knowledge and previous practical experiences of the attendees, all in harmony with the environment, promoting mitigation activities for climate change.


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Testimony of Blanca Flores, livestock farmer:

Testimony of José Orlando Marqués, livestock farmer:

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