Andean resilience: strengthening small-scale agricultural production in areas vulnerable to climate change in the highlands of Ecuador and Peru

"Strengthening Small-Scale Agricultural Production" takes place in the Andean highlands of Cotopaxi, Tungurahua and Cañar (Ecuador) and in the Piura region (Peru), areas highly vulnerable to climate change.


Implementing strategies to strengthen resilient value chains for milk, small livestock species and family agriculture that ensure the control of the agricultural frontier and the conservation of the ecosystem services of the Andean paramo against the local effects of climate change.

Implementation period



Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Overall Project amount

Subsidy EU:(0000000 €)


and their families

Expected Results


Agroecological Production:

8 producer associations in Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, Cañar (Ecuador) and Piura (Peru) (about 1,200 producers and their families) implement best family farming and small-scale livestock practices based on the sustainable use of water, soil and waste management, as measures for local resilience to climate change.

Plans for climate change

Monitoring & Evaluation: the agricultural sector and Local Governments with competence in agricultural production in Ecuador and Peru have strengthened their capacities to develop CC Plans based on Climate Compatible Development and according to ENCC 2012-2025 and NDCs.

Implementation and testing

of financial mechanisms: the local funds FMPLPT (Ecuador) and FORASAN (Peru) have consolidated a replicable financial model, based on SAM and they finance agricultural actions that guarantee: increased resilience of agrifood chains; control of the agricultural frontier in Andean highlands; and efficient water use.

Replication of best sustainable practices:

the methodologies and best practices implemented in Climate Compatible Agricultural Development, which can be financed by local funds (Tungurahua and Piura), are systematised, disseminated and replicated at the national and regional levels.

Tools and resources



  • Ilaria Manfredi, Marco Ferrari
    ACRA Foundation
  • Hernán Paredes
    Honourable Provincial Government of Tungurahua, Ecuador
  • Marcelo Manuel Jaramillo Calle
    Project Consultant (El Salvador)
  • Freddy Aguaiza
    Decentralised Autonomous Government of Cañar, Ecuador
  • Servando Garcia Correa y Karina Huaman Garcia
    Regional Government of Piura - Natural Resources and Environmental Management Department


Main applicant

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The Honourable Provincial Government of Tungurahua

Decentralised Autonomous Government of Cotopaxi

Decentralised Autonomous Government of Cañar

Regional Government of Piura - Natural Resources and Environmental Management Department (GORE)


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