Non-Carbon benefits

Institutionalizing the Non-Carbon Benefits in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies

Implementation period

32 months (April 2019 - December 2021)

EU grant amount

€ 961,773

Overall project amount

€ 1' 255,662





The non-carbon benefits (NCB) are institutionalized in the climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in the forests of Bolivia and Panama.

*NCB's are the positive socio-economic, environmental or biocultural effects of well governed activities developed in forests.


Bolivia: 2,343 people

Panama: 400 people
(including leaders, community authorities, male and female community members, and young people from the indigenous lands)


“The honey of the bees was collected by our grandparents. They used it as medicine and food. With the project, it will no longer be necessary to cut down a tree to get honey, and bees will be more protected. We, the women of Lomerío, are also going to sell honey and bring income to our households.”

Margarita Cacique of Natural Resources, Indigenous Head Office of Lomerío Communities

"Understanding the forest as a whole gives us better tools for its management and conservation in favor of the peoples that live in it.”
Zulema Barahona, National Project Coordinator - Bolivia

“The Non-Carbon Benefits could become the most important method to involve corporations in the fight against climate change. They represent an opportunity to make up for the carbon footprint.”
Claus Kjaerby, National Project Coordinator - Panama


Exchange between countries

Bolivia and Panama exchange experiences about how communities prioritize the NCB and their experiences in the application of monitoring, reporting and verification.


  • Edwin Camacho
    General Project Coordinator, Bosques del Mundo.
  • Claus Kjaerby
    Project Coordinator, Fundación Geoversity (FGEO)
  • Jakob Kronik
    Director of International Cooperation at Bosques del Mundo
  • Adolfo Mezua
    Administrator of the NCB project, Fundación Geoversity (FGEO)
  • Delia Cedeño
    Administrator, Fundación Geoversity (FGEO)
  • Zulema Barahona
    Project Coordinator, Apoyo para el Campesino indígena del Oriente Boliviano (APCOB)


Lead organization


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European Union:
Office Expertise France: 73, rue de Vaugirard-75006 Paris.
Office GIZ: Rue Archimède 61, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
Office Expertise France: Av. Calle 82 # 10-33 Of. 302 – Bogotá, Colombia
Expertise France: +33 1 70 82 73 57
GIZ: + 32 2 710 1937

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