Participatory Climate Action

Participatory Climate Action: Integrating the Challenges of Climate Change in the Gran Chaco Americano

Implementation period

30 months (June 2019 - June 2021)

EU grant amount

€ 862,877

Overall project amount

€ 1' 192,599





To contribute to environmentally resilient and sustainable development in the face of adverse climatic events in the Gran Chaco Americano so as to improve the living conditions of indigenous and mixed-raced populations.


500 people in Argentina and Paraguay


“Trainings are very important because now I understand that we need to adapt to climate change. Variations in rainfall affect the production of the food we eat.”
Dionisio Moreno, leader of the Nich'a Toyish indigenous community - Paraguay

“It has been a challenge to keep the project activities during the COVID-19 crisis. The strength and disposition of the indigenous and rural communities where we work were decisive in order to continue. The participation of the population has been crucial in the discussion and stance of the mitigation and adaptation issues in the face of climate change.”
Mabel Barreto, legal representative of Mingara


Exchange between countries

In Paraguay and Argentina, there is cooperation with local governments to strengthen the planning and management technical abilities of municipalities, in the face of climate change and COVID-19, from an online learning platform and from online meetings ( 


  • Julio Rodas
    General Coordinator of the ACP Project, Mingara, Paraguay
  • Carina Ayala
    Logistics Officer, Mingara, Paraguay
  • Inocencia Ramírez
    ACP Communications Manager, Mingara, Paraguay
  • Jorgelina Rolón
    Representative of the Municipality of Filadelfia, Paraguay
  • Jorge Abbate
    Executive Director in Environmental Management, Paraguay
  • José Chira
    Regional Project Coordinator for Latin America, Unión Iberoamericana de Municipalistas
  • Mabel Barreto
    Project legal representative, Mingara
  • Paula Juarez
    Project coordinator in Argentina, Fundación Plurales

Contact person in each country

Contact us

European Union:
Office Expertise France: 73, rue de Vaugirard-75006 Paris.
Office GIZ: Rue Archimède 61, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
Office Expertise France: Av. Calle 82 # 10-33 Of. 302 – Bogotá, Colombia
Expertise France: +33 1 70 82 73 57
GIZ: + 32 2 710 1937

Implementing Agencies

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