Climate risk management

Climate risk management

Title: Regional and local climate risk management in Brazil and Argentina

Countries involved: Brazil and Argentina

Description: The impact of climate disasters will be reduced for the most vulnerable populations of São Paulo, Brazil and Córdoba, Argentina. Based on modelling studies and cost analyses of climatic threats, priority populations will be identified for intervention. Plans for adaptation and management of the main climate threats will then be made. Vulnerable populations will be the main beneficiaries of the project, participating in diagnostics, finding solutions and dissemination and training activities.

Objective: The project aims to build climate resilience in the intervention area, reducing the risk of climate disasters associated with floods and droughts, with emphasis on the vulnerable populations of CIOESTE, Brazil and the municipality of Córdoba, Argentina.

Leading entity: Consórcio Intermunicipal da Região Oeste Metropolitana de São Paulo (CIOESTE).

Adaptation and risk management are necessary for reducing poverty and ensuring sustainable development.