Binational Exchange Forum Peru - Honduras - Forest Management and Climate Change: Progress, Lessons Learned and Challenges

 Dates:   November 12 & 13, 2020 
Time:    08:00 (Honduras) // 09:00 (Peru)  

Access the full agenda of the event here.


In January 2019, the bi-national Peru-Honduras project "Improving governance and land use management " was launched, which is being implemented with support from the EUROCLIMA+ programme, through the "Forests, biodiversity and ecosystems" (FBE) component, financed by the European Union and co-financed by the governments of Germany, France and Spain. It is implemented by a consortium of 4 organisations: the company PUR Projet, the Helvetas Honduras Foundation, the Madera Verde Foundation, and the Amazonia Viva Foundation. The project, which ends in December 2020, has been supporting local public and private actors and small producers in developing tools and strengthening capacities to address the causes of forest degradation and loss.

As part of the project's development process, the implementing organisations organised a first Binational Exchange Forum in Catacamas, Honduras in November 2019, and on this occasion, the second Forum will be organised by the Amazonia Viva Foundation in Peru. Toward this end, an enriching agenda has been planned to showcase progress in forest management and climate change in Peru and Honduras.


  • To exchange experiences with best practices among the actors allied with the Project, referring to forest conservation, forest management, community natural resource management projects, reforestation, restoration, strengthening of local capacities and public policies.
  • Analyse and reflect on the lessons learned and challenges faced by institutions and organisations in the framework of their projects, as well as the contribution to the fulfilment of regional, national and international development policies.


This event is organised by FUNDACION AMAZONIA VIVA and PUR PROJET under the framework of the implementation of the EUROCLIMA+ project “Improving governance and land use management to address the causes of forest loss and degradation and increase carbon stocks in Honduras and Peru”.