An opportunity was given to publicise the EUROCLIMA+ Droughts and Floods - Andes project in areas of interest.

November 27, 2019. Peru. Through the European Union Programme EUROCLIMA+ and under the framework of the Risk Management component implemented by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the French Development Agency (AFD), the Andes Droughts and Floods project, through the CIIFEN technical team formed by Elba Fiallo, Head of Component 2 and Juan José Nieto, Coordinator of the EUROCLIMA+ Project, carried out several visits.

The purpose of these visits was to present Project Component 2 to various institutions involved in drought and flood management in Peru. the objectives of this mission included the initial gathering of information for the diagnosis; presentation of the consultant hired to carry out the diagnosis for Drought and Flood Management in the territory; and to define contact points of the institutions for the project.

During the technical mission, INDECI (Civil Defence Institute) was visited and a conversation was held with the Territory Analysis Coordinator (Silvia Passuni Pineda) and Cruz María Amable Tomiyama, specialist in Risk and Disaster Management. Maritza Sánchez, Deputy Director of Educational Material Management at INDECI, was interviewed and she provided decisive support for coordination with other institutions in Peru.

The technicians also visited the National Water Authority where conversations were held with representatives of the Drought Observatory (Dora Soto, Coordinator), Michael Aparco of Transboundary Watersheds, Jairo Chuaga of Floods, and Francisco Bustillo Alvarez of Water Culture, obtaining important inputs to address the diagnosis in Peru. On the other hand, conversations were held with representatives of SENAMHI: Cristina Pamela Dávila, Specialist in Climatological Research and José Ochoa Montero, Communications.

A visit was made to Peru's COEN (National Emergency Operations Centre) where all the steps taken in Peru to respond to emergencies were explained to the project delegation.
After that, technicians met in the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation with the new Director of Natural Resources Evaluation, Jorge A. Vásquez Acuña and Edith Rojas, Specialist in Water Resources and Nelly Cabrera, Specialist.

Finally, the team also met with the Director of Adaptation to Climate Change and Desertification, Silvia Cristina Rodríguez, Luis Roque, Specialist in Investment for Climate Change, Rosmery Robles, Specialist in Desertification and Droughts, and Giovanna Egas, Specialist in Adaptation in Watersheds.

This mission provided an opportunity to publicise the EUROCLIMA+ Andes - Droughts and Floods- project in different Peruvian institutions working on the issue, to articulate with the different divisions of the institutions involved in the issue at the national level and, at the same time, marked the start of activities for Component 2 “STRENGTHENING NATIONAL SYSTEMS FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF DROUGHT AND FLOOD RISKS IN EACH COUNTRY”.

About the projects of the Disaster Risk Management and Reduction component: droughts and floods

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