EUROCLIMA+ in action

a) Climate policy actions in Uruguay

Development of a National System for the registration and quantification of adverse impacts of climate change
Education, training, and awareness on climate change
Support to the preparation of a Long-Term Strategy for LGGE and Climate Resilient Development
National Action for Climate Empowerment Strategy
Monitoring and evaluation of progress in the implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures

EUROCLIMA+ projects in Uruguay

Drought information system Drought information system

Drought information system

Design and initial implementation of a drought information system (monitoring, prediction, preparation and mitigation of impacts) for southern South America - SISA

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Electric urban mobility

Urban Mobility

Promotion of Electric Urban Mobility in Uruguay

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Operational monitoring and warning system for water resource quantity and quality

Urban water

Operational monitoring and warning system for water resource quantity and quality

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Co-innovation for resilient food production

Resilient Food Production

Co-innovation for resilient food production in family livestock farming on natural fields in Uruguay

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d) Regional actions

Actions being implemented in the 18 EUROCLIMA+ partner countries

Contact information in Uruguay

In each country EUROCLIMA+ works in synergy with officials of the governmental entity in charge of overseeing climate change matters. It also maintains close contact with the European Union delegations of each partner nation.


This is a State Secretariat of the Executive Power of Uruguay whose mission is to improve the quality of life of the country’s inhabitants.

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European Union Delegation

The European Union Delegation in Uruguay was established in 1990 and has diplomatic mission status. It is one of more than 140 representations of the EU around the world.

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Here you will find related information and links of interest for Uruguay

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Focal point

Focal Point

Natalie Pareja
Natalie ParejaHead Focal Point
Head Focal Point: Natalie Pareja, Directora de Cambio Climático Alternate Focal Point: Belén Reyes ( Ministry of Environment
Agencia Uruguaya Cooperación Internacional
Agencia Uruguaya Cooperación InternacionalAlternate Focal Point
Alternate Focal Point: Viviana Mezzetta Agencia Uruguaya de Cooperación Internacional,


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