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Implementing Agencies

Seven Water Management projects selected

The projects selected are meant to ensure the protection and regeneration of water sources that supply urban areas (mountain ranges, aquifers, and others) and improve the resilience of urban potable water services against the impacts of climate change, focusing on vulnerable populations. In addition, each project will have actions to strengthen technical and institutional capacities in order to equip the entities responsible for water resources and water service provision to meet the challenges related to water availability in sufficient quality and quantity.

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Eligible applicants

  • National authorities and other national level entities.
  • Sub-national governments and other local institutions (water and sanitation operators, watershed management bodies …).
  • Regional organisations including those of civil society.
  • National weather and hydrology institutes.
  • Regional academic networks, scientific institutions and academics with a specialisation in the field.


Our team

Vincent Merme
Vincent MermeAFD
Juan Enrique García Yuste
Juan Enrique García YusteAECID

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Main objective

Strengthening the resilience of urban areas through better water management, improving the access of the most vulnerable populations to potable water and ensuring the quality of water resources to reduce negative impacts on health and the environment and improve its availability.

Resources available
Prioritised lines of action


Water management with an urban resilience perspective


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